ALP P. Sistem Ltd. is a private company engaged in:

  • Specific works at height (NDT inspections, design, maintenance, protection, repair of all types of business, commercial and residential buildings, installation and commissioning of lifeline and zip line safety systems for sports and recreation programmes…),
  • Training of personnel in industrial work at height and rescue programmes (supported by the competent Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development)
  • Inspection of equipment for all works and interventions at height, with certificates from several European and world’s leading manufacturers (according to valid EU recommendations and standards), and the competent OSH Administration of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Import and distribution of specific equipment for work, tactical and sports programmes in works and interventions at height.
    The company was founded in 1988 as a small proprietor-run shop that was predominately engaged in work at height. Due to the expansion of the scope of activities, there are currently independent companies which are related through various activities:
  • ALP Project Sistem Ltd. ( / )
  • ALP Inženjering Ltd. ( )
  • ALP Ltd. ( )
    ALP Project Sistem is a small company. We have around 10 full-time employees and a smaller number of part-time associates. These are mostly more experienced team leaders with higher and high vocational schools complemented by a larger number of young associates trained in various fields of activities.
    ALP teams operate even under the most difficult conditions, in specific locations, to tight deadlines and according to other non-standard client requirements. Long-term practice on a large number of facilities and constinuous monitoring of the technological development of works at height are a safe recommendation for the most complex jobs (see the reference list of the performed works and trainings for works and interventions at height).

We have fruitful cooperation with a number of state and national institutions with which we cooperate on industrial facilities (Republic Institute for Material Testing, City and Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Faculty of Civil Engineering, various institutions, etc.), as well as organizations that hire us for professional courses and trainings that are user-customized by the nature of the business, (electric power companies, fire brigade and associations, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Sector for Emergency Situations, Serbian army, large business entities, all telecommunication companies in the area, etc.).
ALP Project Sistem is a company important for the Republic of Serbia in the field of training, rescue and evacuation in vertical environments and, as such, is part of the rescue unit in the event of natural disasters and emergencies. The company director is also the commander of the team.
In the sector of personnel training for work at height, we are currently dominant in Serbia and the surrounding area ( ) Our clients are large companies that train their employees for specific jobs for the needs of their
projects, or small companies that participate in projects of large companies where specific safety, organizational and technical standards are required.
Thousands of satisfied customers of our services are our best reference.
In addition to having domestic licenses, we are the members of several international associations that deal with jobs, trainings and inspections related to work at height.
Apart from personnel training, we also supply institutions with the specific equipment as required. In that regard, we are authorized agents and distributors of equipment of several dominant manufacturers from European Union and the North America (Skylotec, Fall Protect, Edelweiss, Singing Rock, Raveltik, CAMP, Black Diamond, Husky, Yatesgear, and so on).
ALP is a constant participant and sponsor of sports events, especially those related to outdoor activities. This mainly stems from the structure of its employees and members engaged in the company.
ALP completes its work on time, duly and in a prudent business manner to the satisfaction of investors.
We are looking forward to successful cooperation with you.