ALP Project Sistem Ltd. has been successfully performing work at height training courses of candidates for more than 10 years.

In the part that deals with specific work or interventions at height training courses (work on industrial rope, all trainings at height in activities that gravitate towards construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, inspection or specific interventions…), we are dominant in the region.

The most common types of work/ intervention at height trainings are:

  • Work/ intervention at height trainings (Level 1):
  • Work in industrial vertical environments (work on industrial rope), various interventions
  • Various construction works (fitters, facade builder, roofers, carpenters, masons, use of ladders…)
  • Non-ionizing radiation (mobile telephony)
  • Lattice structure work (scaffolding, crane operators, crane tracks, etc.)
  • Overhead network (wooden, concrete and metal poles)
  • High voltage and low voltage/ overhead network
  • Work at height using lifeline systems
  • Horticulture maintenance work at height (cutting of trees likely to fall, maintenance of trees in parks, etc.)
  • Renewable energy sources (wind turbines), system service and maintenance.
  • Evacuation and rescue programs (Levels 1 and 2), which are specific to related jobs, conditions and terrain (facility) configurations
  • Rescue and evacuation in industrial vertical environments from typical jobs specific to the construction industry (scaffolding, roofs, antenna or high voltage poles and conductors, confined spaces, etc.), organized and conducted by team leaders, line managers, safety and health managers and officers within the companies they work for.
  • Rescue and evacuation in vertical environments, collapsed facilities organized by professional services (fire and rescue teams, rescue and evacuation units of competent administrations, etc.)
  • In industrial and residential environments
  • In rural environments
  • Tactical programs, tailored to the needs of users, state administrations.
  • Trainings are conducted in accordance with the Law on Occupational Safety and Health, bylaws and applicable SRPS EN standards related to this area. All trainees will receive the necessary documentation in written and digital form (script for the subject area, approx. 50-60 pages).
  • Trainings and courses in the field of sports and tourist activities related to staying at height:
  • Adventure parks, Zip Line systems, various types of ropes courses.

Our programs are certified/ approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and accepted in the surrounding countries/ EU.

  • We are the winners of the special merit award in the field of occupational safety and health – Charter April 28 th awarded by the competent Ministry, Directorate for Occupational Safety and Health for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015.
  • So far, we have trained thousands of course participants for various works and interventions at height tailored to specific jobs. The trainings are performed by engineers of different job profiles who have passed the professional exam for performing work regarding occupational safety and health, fire protection, equipment and machinery inspection.
  • Working at height instructors have decades of experience in work/ interventions at height with different work at height trainings and PPE (personal protective equipment) inspection trainings for prevention of falls from height under their belt by the manufacturers Singing Rock, Petzl, Camp, Fallprotec, Skylotec, Miller, Honeywell groups.
  • We are members of several international associations (from Europe, America and Canada) which deal with work at height, work at height training, interventions, rescue techniques in vertical environments and tactical programs. We successfully cooperate with a number of state institutions (ministries, administrations and sectors) as well as other legal entities that require staff training and development for work/ interventions at height. If you have any questions, suggestions, remarks and suggestions, please contact us via or