In 1987, the owners of ALP opened a proprietor-run craft shop for performing work which, due to the work scope and variety, has grown into three related companies.

Since then, we have had an uninterrupted continuity in performing work at height.

We take pride in performing work on the highest and longest infrastructure facilities in Serbia and the surrounding countries. Our reference list includes hundreds of construction, industrial and business facilities where we have had small or large-scope interventions in investment maintenance, repairs or modifications.

In addition to performing work on high-rise buildings, we cooperate with state and scientific institutions during research work, in order to develop rehabilitation projects.

We have special work at height equipment manufactured according to the most stringest world standards (CE), which allows us easy access to all surfaces regardless of their height and configuration.

We are present in the following fields of work:

Civil work, repairs, insection:

  • All types of interventions and maintenance performed on industrial, commercial, residential and religious buildings
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) and rehabilitation of steel and concrete surfaces
  • Design, installation, inspection and maintenance of stationary fall protection systems (lifeline systems, roofs, exposed terraces, hard-to-reach places for maintenance and interventions…)
  • Design, installation, inspection and maintenance of stationary fall protection systems that have sports standards (Adventure parks, Zip Line systems, etc.)
  • All types of craft works using the technique of work on industrial ropes:
  • Mobile telephony (installation of steel, antenna supports and antenna systems)
  • Hydro-insulation of vertical surfaces on residential and commercial buildings
  • Corrosion protection and repair of metal surfaces and structures (silos, bridges, antenna poles, transmission lines, etc.)
  • Painting and decorating work
  • Maintenance and protection of all types of facades and buildings
  • Installation of banners and all types of facade advertisements
  • Repair design development with insight into the condition of all inaccessible parts of threatened facilities
  • Removal of snow, ice or parts of the facade likely to fall

We are looking forward to successful cooperation with you.